I love this place.

Me in FLA 2004
2002 Q4
2002 Q3
2002 Q2
2002 Q1
2001 Christmas
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Ok, one more picture then I'm gone

[Me Image]
What city is this?
Bonus: What landmark in that city am I standing on?


Us in a photo machine, summer 2000  
This is my brain 
(guess mom was wrong).
Click on it for 
a larger image 
my brain

Ok, I was wrong, we can
all fit in the photo machine

Doug, Catherine, & Emily
Christmas 97
Doug, Catherine, & Emily

Dotie, Wendy, Me, and my brother
(left to right): Me, my cousin Wendy, my brother, and my cousin Dotie pose for a picture on my mother's deck in Ocean City

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