Christmas 2001
These pages contain selected photos from our Christmas day at Tricia's house in "preview" sizes. To see a photo in higher resolution click on it. Also, for a complete annotated listing of all the photos from Christmas 2001 go to the outline page....

Spending Time With Loved Ones
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Twiggy, Judy, and King
Judy and Twig arive. King hams it up for them.
The Kitchen
The kitchen is busy as usual. Di is right in the middle of it.

Megan and Emily
Megan and Emily on the slow computer. Emily is talking on the phone with her aunt Kate.
Yeah, you are too old for the kids' table, but at least this one wasn't made by PlaySchool.

Judy and a family story
Are you going to eat that corn?

After dinner? Naps!
Then dessert. Make your own sundaes was enjoyed by many. Especially Charlie. Good idea Tricia.

Thin John
But dessert can't come fast enough for those who've perfected the art of losing inches while napping.
Shawn gets picked on
Shawn get's picked on while gorging.

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