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Neural Networks

Update 21-November-2009: The Neural Network and Robotics Glossary has now been given un-restricted web access. The local content, of course, is:

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News Flash: The neural project will be supported and located at the StandOutPublishing site for the time being. If the book can be published (i.e., I.P. protection is obtained) that site is where the book and software will be made available. Or at least that is the plan.

Welcome to my neural network page. It's just getting started.

For now I'll start some links to helpful resources... Mainly they will be links that I personally might find useful, or links to my own contributions. The hope is that some of what I find useful may also be useful to others, but that is not a driving value for the time being. For now this page is here mainly to get MY Neural Network information and thoughts organized.

Just a warning: Much of my understanding behind this organization framework stands in direct 180-degree oposition to what has been related --in what would be considered-- mainstream neural network "papers and publications" for the last 15 - 20 years.

So: For now (November-2007 and the immediately future) everything here is "coming soon..." There is a temporary to-do list further down on this page.


Robotics Links:

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Neural Network Links:


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