Mom's "Heart" note

Mom's 1991 note Pg. 1
Mom's 1991 note Pg. 2

Anhalt Pg. 1
Anhalt Pg. 2
Anhalt Pg. 3
Anhalt Pg. 4
Anhalt Pg. 5 (article)

Capt. Robbie Rothrock (tribute in images)
(this is a large file: 274 Meg)

[pdf] The Inner Ring (C.S. Lewis)

[Image: Picture of me]

For Neural Network links see: my neural network page.
Right now (3-November-2007) it's just getting started (links to historical versions of Netlab) so check back every couple of months... Hmm, better yet, perhaps the first thing I should do to improve it?: produce an RSS feed so you can be auto-notified of changes if you would like :-) D'OH!